Sunday, December 20, 2015

Just Sayin'

In the past year, I have been striving for living today living authentically.
I know ... this picture really says it all...

Mamma told me recently, after I had a little stress meltdown during our most recent program preparation:  "Anna Grace, the things that are worth something often take alot of work." There are days when I want to quit... so very much. However, there are daily things that are worth the effort.
I have to constantly remind myself to keep doing the things that will be authentic and that are worth the work... And they are.
Whether it is planning a program for my sisters and myself,  creating little pieces of beauty for the home, or coercing daddy to read out-loud, they ARE worth the effort.....Every time.

Sometimes we think that fun means no work. But the mindset shapes experience and lovely times are to be had if only we seek them out. 
The fun is found in "the today" . Even reminiscing over the past is not as joyous as being in the present. So I hope to better savor the experiences presented daily.  


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  1. So true. Thank you for reminding us of this with your words and actions.


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