Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another day in the life of benign

Second semester nursing has found my nursing cohort studying away at postpartum mothers and newborn infant assessments.
Today in practice lab, I had happily finished all of my assessments. Thinking my tasks done for the afternoon I turn and find my group gathered around an interesting looking table. Curious I approach and to my dismay... I find that I have yet to practice giving an IM shot to a BABY!! Ahh.. I had not mentally prepared myself for this today.. We were not supposed to do THAT today As I am rather afraid... strongly afraid of receiving shots, I also dread giving them.... But I come to the reality. It must be done.
I wash my hands and don my gloves for the task. A few feet away from me, stands the 40 year old paramedic who is getting his nursing degree. I gulp. The pressure increases as he penetrates my actions.
As I draw up the Vitamin K into the perilously large needle, I think... This is really it.. This is reality.. I am going to have to be giving this to real babies and not kill Them! My hands begin to tremble and I glance to where the paramedic is watching me. I give a wan smile and get the mannequin ready to stab.
Taking a deep breath , I plunge... Then look towards the man watching me and see his expression of wonder... Was it that good? He asks "Anna . Tell me. What angle do you stick at ???!!" Chagrined I realized I had done 45 degrees lower than I needed ... Ahh how painful.. I try again... "Anna Don't be so jerky!!" he says. He then proceeds to explain to me the proper method...

About 25 tries later , I look at him for approbation and finally, one that is not quite so jerky and at 90 degrees.

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I am glad that needle specialists exist.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Subject to opinion

                                                     ONLY 15 Calories per serving!!
Consume, guilt free and conscience calmed, folks.

My brother, who also finds some nutritional inconsistencies amusing, snapped this photo for me as he was shopping. This is the type of nutritional information that the general population is being fed. Not only does it have no nutritional benefit, it is pure sugar and turns straight into un-needed , stored fat. BUT!!! it ONLY has 15 calories per serving.... (1 tsp).

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