Saturday, November 17, 2012

A day in the life of "benign"

After a mammothly endless day last week, I found myself waiting in the midst many cars in a two lane turning line. 
As often happens, I had not much time to eat that day, and still had two rather large stalks of celery, a carrot stick and some cauliflower bunches. The line being so long and the wait seeming even longer, I delved into the bag of vittles. 
 Being in somewhat of another world, my mind miles away, I munched away... Still sitting in line... While happily chomping away on one of the extraordinary stalks of celery, I come back to reality for a moment and look at the car next to me.... Inside that car sat a lady.... a stunned looking lady.... gawking.. at ME??.. .. of all the???? I catch her eye, smile pleasantly... then look at my celery stalk... the light turned green. 
Needless to say, I laughed heartily.

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I started "Annalogies" as an outlet of creativity for an overly scientific, logically minded life. I love people. I enjoy the simple things in life. My aspiration is that this outlet can allow me to grow in expression. So go with me and grow with me, if you like. I am just a sculpture still in the making.