Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anna in Storyland: A Room With a View

On the fourth floor of Atkinson Hall, there can be found a small room which faces north, and overlooks one of the main traffic walkways. The residents themselves are burly forms.

I happen to be a frequent occupier of this very room, and I work closely with the residents of this northward room of Atkinson Hall.... the residents being the humming copier and the bubbly shredding machine.

Although an unpretentious looking little room, the happenings upon entrance have not ceased to keep my mind a'tumbling. Often, it feels as if I have stepped into the "story room", for I can take a peek out the of the 4th story window onto the walkway, and view the many events unfolding below.
Whether it be the joyful reuniting of friends( that probably have not seen each other since the day before), the tiff between lovers, the lonely human, the crowd of greek life that all look the same, or the distinctly, stalwart individual.....Each tells a story.

Furthermore, the traffic flow in and out of the copy room keeps my mind on a constant flow of subjects.
Through out my several hours in this little room topics are discussed including business law, chinese trade laws, indian markets, cultural appreciation, Asian culture, sororities and fraternities, Milledgville Vs. D.C., accents, creating software using java language, ecological law, hinduism vs. christianity, and my newest favorite from one of the teachers "Sometimes I ask myself.. HOW in the world did this student make it into this  program!!!?.. " 
At the end of my time in the little room, I bid my adieu to the "residents" and feel my head spinning from from the whirr of much subject matter... For by this time, I have traveled to Thailand , I have seen the story of many lives, I have learned how china has cheated or not cheated us out of screen doors , and I have settled upon the fact that cash is very fluid..... And then I return to the reality of congestive heart failure and lower respiratory diseases......

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