Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Without understanding

In my mind, there are two categories of people:
::Those who can embrace concepts, axioms and words without having to completely understand them. 
::Those who have to wrestle with, struggle to understand the why and ponder over  what makes a thing "truly so". 
To the later, one has to make it personal and it veritably has to become personal.... a part of the person, in order to understand. 
Sometimes, when trying to comprehend the love of God, I feel as if that love cannot be personal, cannot be felt without truly understanding the "how" and the "why". It then goes under-appreciated as I put it on the shelf of things I cannot wrap my mind around. 
  • But that is the mystery of his love. It is present and will not leave. It remains even when I am so undeserving of it. 
  • It cannot be understood completely because I am not a person of perfect love. But it can understand me completely and it can be felt and embraced. 
  • Even if I cannot wrap my thoughts around it. I can take it down from my shelf of of "incomprehensibles"and hold it and appreciate it for the wonderful mystery that it is. 

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