Friday, April 13, 2012

smashing green things, to get a whiff of spring

Sunshine and Soil,
Spring fever has hit the house-hold,and barely anyone can stay away from the world outside. 
Life has been bustling and busy around this time of year, with ground cultivating,garden planting,and herb gathering.

It happened almost by accident... this lovely combination of aromatic goodness.

Lemon thyme


    with great delight

....Unless you are my Daddy...

Perhaps he will find more pleasure in the next round of the delectable concoction. 

sunshine and barefeet,
~ Anne of the Grey Submarine 

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I started "Annalogies" as an outlet of creativity for an overly scientific, logically minded life. I love people. I enjoy the simple things in life. My aspiration is that this outlet can allow me to grow in expression. So go with me and grow with me, if you like. I am just a sculpture still in the making.