Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Eternal Revolution

Let me be candid for a moment:
      Yesterday, harvesting blueberries and turning the earth around the plants in our garden, I was thinking about repentance and some of the struggles , I have been trying to overcome. 
I was at first frustrated thinking about the number of times a week or a day that I have to repent.... And then come back a couple of minutes and repent again.  It is an ongoing revolution of 360's and 180's that seems to never steady and stay the same! 
But as I was turning the earth, the thought struck me...
In physical examples I see that the things that move and have power are in a constant state of revolution 180"s and 360's happening all the time. .
*Earth that is turned for better crops.
*Automobiles increase the revolutions when the power is increased. 
*The Americans created a revolution with power
*Windmills turn constantly generated power
*Watermills turn to generate power
It requires labor to turn away from a force and create revolutions. But the labor of turning causes power.  Stagnant states have no power. 

As in physical life  the metaphysical life may be similar. 
Lives lived with power may actually be those lived in a state that is constantly turning....turning away from things that hinder and beset. 
So my daily revolutions could be seen without hope and could surely discourage... 
However this revolutionizing daily, moment by moment, for freedom of soul could be a great hope of a powerful life.

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