Friday, October 23, 2015

learning how to die

After a hectic nonstop week, clothes lie in piles , waiting for me to fold and put away, papers to be filed and dishes to be washed... But, I have been wanting to jot down these thoughts for a long while and sometimes the things happening in life must indeed be put on hold, in order to reflect on life itself.
In the last several months, death has been recurring element in my life. In addition to several persons dear to my heart, the acute care setting presents death in frequent and raw situations.  the acute care setting, this is something that we have to have our own grip of, in order to help others to grip hold onto something.

As my sisters #rayofsunshine(Gabrielle), #mymolly, Melody, Merry, Abi... are the most important people in my life, my heart  torn for several families in the last two weeks whose young sisters have been dying. I cannot imagine watching any of my dear sisters die at all much less at a young age; but this is the reality these sisters are facing.
I held one of those sisters in my arms last week as she wept at the death of her sister.... So much love, and sorrow and confusion and anger, all combined.

Yet, there is something sacred about death. Last month, my sisters and I sang our dear Mr. Henderson to his forever sleep. He was ventilated and so very sick but that sacredness of life and death meeting was present. The struggle as a soul comes closer to eternity.

So much of life we spend learning how to live the good life. How to be strong and how to live well. But the more I have seen of death, I think that maybe we are all learning how die...How to die well.

The more I have seen of life and death (in my VERY limited time), the more I have desired to live today well. I am not promised any tomorrow, but there is TODAY, to be thankful, to love, to be kind and caring. There does exist a today in which to appreciate those around me.

That was Super long... and RAMBLING :: LIVETODAY <3

~Anne of The Grey Submarine

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  1. dying well seems a lost art these days. we saw a film about the civil war era and concerned people were with dying well and making sure their families would get word of such.


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