Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Sometimes people ask me excitedly... "DO you LOVE nursing?????!!!!! .... I do not immediately squelch all of the beautiful ideals of nurse life and the supposed nurses in "shining scrub-wear" as I recall the pain pill Pamela's, the Call light Crazy Cathy's , the Overdose Olivers, the vomiting alcoholics, or the sharp tongued men, the 16 hour shifts.
Nooo..... I usually just say... WEllll.... There are days that make it worth it.... As I try to rack my brain of all the good things.
But today a vivid thought of  "this .... This makes today worth it." occurred to me.

Ventilator Mouthcare....I love it.
I love getting all the nasty goopy stuff out. taking a moment to make the patient like a human, to  give ease to a dry mouth, to make that patient feel cared for and FURTHERMORE... to prevent ventilator associated pneumonia..

Mouthcare... makes it worth it.

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