Friday, May 29, 2015


I Love flowers and plants and anything in the soil... so the following analogous thought somehow suits.
When I was younger, about 15,  and trying to figure out what I was going to do with my future I would be so worried about the future that I would loose myself in the future and become stagnant in the present.  My wise mamma often had to remind me "Anna Grace, you are not promised tomorrow, Bloom where you are planted today." "You can choose to enjoy it.. or you can waste your time worrying about something that you may actually never experience."

Those wise words  have stuck with me and I sometimes have to re-evaluate life and reinforce those words.

The question has never left me. It comes off and on, even as a "grown up "who is supposed to have it figured. I wonder... am I planted where I want to be planted?!!!
But Mamma's words come back and remind me... I may not know if I am planted in the exact soil that I want... I may be transplanted later...

However, I am indeed in this soil of life... Today. I can choose to bloom. I can choose to be the most powerful , fragrant bloom, today... Or I can stay a closed bud waiting on soil that I may never have.
Today is the opportunity we are given to bloom. Not tomorrow. Not in the five year strategic plan.
Live today. "Bloom where you are planted, Anna Grace"... Or whoever you are, dear reader.


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